New Change Log

Starting today (5/30/2016), all updates to the game will be documented in this “Change Log” blog.  Here are the recent updates to the game:

  • The HP spells hpstr and hpfcs have been adjusted to be more balanced with hppwr. See the panels for more info
  • Power is now only drained while attacking (opposed to over time). This was done to reduce the importance of timing, as it can be frustrating. The system is far from balanced, and I appreciate any feedback you have on which classes get too much or too little benefit from their power while in towers. Please message or whisper me with any thoughts.
  • You can now type multiple commands on the same line
  • You can now whisper all your commands to TTDBot if you’d like.
  • Whisper !stats or !unlocks to TTDBot to get info (/w TTDBot !stats). It will not work if you type it in channel chat. The bot is still a little buggy. Please report any bugs you find to me. Thanks!
  • !stats command shows your character’s current stats. There are still a lot of improvements to be made. It does not yet work for highpriests, and the data for mimics is pretty limited.
  • !unlocks command shows which classes you’ve unlocked. I’ll be adding priest spells to the command soon.
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