New Prestige Spec: Shockmage

I’ve added a new “prestige spec” to the game. I still need to add a page explaining the prestige system, but the new spec (Shockmage) has been added to the classes page:


In order to allow players to continue progressing after hitting rank 50 (rank 51 was a bug, the max rank will now be 50 for anyone who isn’t already rank 51), I will be adding a “prestige spec” for each of the 6 classes. To unlock a prestige spec, you must reach rank 50 in the respective class, and then prestige – resetting your rank in said class back to 0. You will, however, be able to keep half of any extra essence you’ve earned in that class past rank 50.

The first prestige class, the shockmage, is a frostmage spec. To unlock it, type !prestigefrostmage into chat (THIS WILL RESET YOUR FROSTMAGE RANK BACK TO 0!). Please don’t do this on a whim, or “just to try it out” as all prestiges will be permanent. Also, don’t get too attached to its current form – The shockmage is meant to be balanced with other frostmage specs, and if it proves to be overpowered, it will be nerfed.

Warning: You can prestige ANY class right now, but you’ll only unlock a new spec for prestiging frostmage

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