NEW Trapper Class! (Subscriber Only)

After the recent Highpriest change (players who hold the high-score on the current level can now play the Highpriest), some subscribers felt like they had lost the perk of subscribing.  To make up for that, I’ve created the trapper class – the first class that can switch between any of 5 base class utilities (all except the bard).

This is the most complex class I’ve created so far, so expect bugs and balance issues.  These will be fixed over the coming weeks, so please bear with me.  Also, don’t get too attached to any of the trapper’s features, as the class is likely to change. Changes appear in blue.

The trapper in his current form:

The trapper is a subscriber-only class which automatically lays traps around the tower he is currently inside, and can switch between traps at any time. The traps have no time limit and will disappear only once last for 1min, or until they’ve been triggered X times. Only 3 traps can be out at a time.   When a trap expires it grants power to the trapper.  The power granted is half of the cost to place a trap while powered, multiplied by the percent of charges remaining. Traps will not expire during boss fights.

Trap Laying Period: 15sec (lays traps even when no enemies are around)
Range: 8 meters

On Level Up:
Damage +++

While powered: You will lay your 3 traps immediately. When your traps are triggered they will apply a unique bonus and consume some of your power bar.

Bear Trap
# of Attacks: 1
Damage:  960
PowerUp: On trigger: The damage will continue after the 1 second duration, consuming power until the enemy dies, or the trapper’s power is depleted.

Command: !spbear

Armor Trap
# of Attacks: 3
Damage: 384
Armor Reduction: 384 (increases at the same rate as damage)
Attack Period: 1.25 sec
PowerUp: On trigger: The trap will also reduce the armor all all enemies in your AoE Radius (3.5 meters by default)

Command: !sparmor

Fire Trap
# of Attacks: 1
Damage: 336
AoE Radius: 3.5 meters
PowerUp: On trigger: The fire from the explosion will last twice as long (effectively doubled its damage)
Command: !spfire

Frost Trap
# of Attacks: 3
Damage: 320
Freeze Time: 1 second (increased with level)
Slow Amount: 0.8 (improved with level)
Slow Duration: 3 seconds
Attack Period: 2 sec
PowerUp: On trigger: The frost cloud left behind will slow twice as much.

Command: !spfrost

Poison Trap
# of Attacks: 3
Damage: 768 over 10 seconds
Stacks: Unlimited
Attack Period: 1.5 sec
PowerUp: On trigger: The poison damage is dealt on 3 seconds
Command: !sppoison

Additional Commands:
!spclear – removes all your traps and allows you to place new traps immediately.  Useless when you want to change the type of traps.
!spclear# – removes a trap at the specified index. (Ex: !spclear1 would remove the first trap you set)

Once the trapper is closer to his final form I’ll make an official page with all the information laid out clearer.

Possible changes:

– I may limit how often you can switch between different traps, or add a power cost
– I may continue to add new traps, but add some cost to obtaining each trap


Please report any bugs you find on the forums.  I’m sure there are some.  Also feel free to leave any feedback you have regarding balance, or opinions on how the class feels.

Known Bugs:

– Places traps inside the barracks

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