stream defense map, Lost Desert

November Change Log

I often make small tweaks to the game which don’t warrant their own blog post, but which I’d like to tell you about. I’ve decided to keep monthly change logs. Any small changes I make in November will be posted below. I will make a new post for December, and so on.

You can either check back here occasionally to see the most recent changes, or just wait until December 1st and see everything that was changed in the previous month.

  • Banduri created a new background image for “Lost Desert” (featured above)
    • If you don’t know, Banduri has helped with a lot of the in-game art, including the map backgrounds for Lava or Leave It, Arid Junction, Double Trouble, and Snow Trap
  • Players will now receive +25 Mastery for each time they’ve “prestiged” the respective class.
  • Map votes will now be reset after each game.
  • If there are no players in the game for 5min, it will automatically end in defeat
  • The XP/Wave bonuses for beating maps Tier 7+ have been increased significantly
  • Edited Map Select screen to show the Enemy HP multiplier instead of Difficulty Tier#, as it’s a better reference for players
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