October 16 Update

I’m still reworking the trapper, but I wanted to get out some important bug fixes and balance changes now.  More updates will be released within the week.


  • The altar on Double Trouble will no longer allow you to leave until your level has been boosted.  This is to prevent an exploit that allowed players to gain the benefit of the altar twice.  I may reset the highscore as a result.
  • Fixed a bug that gave the assassin a chance to crit on attack (in addition to applying his poison).  This resulted in the assassin doing too much damage.


  • The necromancer has been reworked, and now works the way he’s described on the classes page.  His power up can summon zombies without killing enemies.  Zombies can now attack a maximum of 8 times before dying
  • The deathdealer has been buffed.  His base chance to cast seed of death is now 7.5% (up from 2.5%)
  • The stormmage’s slow has been buffed slightly, although probably not enough.  I’m working on a simulation that will allow me to balance classes more precisely


  • Arid Junction has new art, thanks to Banduri!
  • Lost Desert, Dune Gauntlet, and Double Trouble have had their difficulty lowered slightly


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