October 1st Update

I’m planning a minor update for October 1st (sometime in the morning Pacific Time, most likely).  If you haven’t played since the September 25th update, I would suggest reading this post first.

Detailed below are the changes I’ll be making. Anything I add will be in blue:

  • Highscores are already approaching 100, even with low class-ranks.  I want those higher rounds to take a bit more effort to reach.  Enemy health will be increased by 30% and difficulty per round will increase at a slightly faster rate.  As the difficulty is increasing, I’ll also be resetting the highscores.
  • To compensate for the increased difficulty, the end-of-round points will be increased significantly for the later waves.  (Example: Round 10 will award 2250 points, up from 1600). Shards and essence rewards are directly tied to points, so this also means more shards and essence.
  • The difficulty and points increases are only estimates, and will be balanced after the update.  The goal is to increase the rate of shards and essences overall – especially in longer games.
  • The first time you beat an average score each day, you will be rewarded with bonus shards and essence.  My plan is 100 shards and 1,200 essence, but that could change.
  • A clock has been added to the lower right corner of the screen to help players know when the daily reward has reset
  • Barracks health will now increase based on the number of paths in the level.  (1 path = 35 hp;  2 paths = 55 hp;  3 paths = 75 hp)
  • Players will now stop earning XP in training once the wave timer reaches 0:00 (before boss waves and bonus rounds)
  • Highpriests will also stop earning mana once the wave timer reaches 0:00
  • Highpriests will no longer earn mana during the boss round.  Instead, they will get 60 seconds worth of mana at the start of the boss round.


  • Beating a round for the first time will no award a badge
  • Eventually badges will be used to unlock levels/altars.  For now, they just represent your combined progress.
  • The end round score screen will also show you when you get the highscore on a given round.  I don’t plan on giving a reward for reaching the highscore, it’s just to show how well you’ve done compared to previous games.

Tower Auto-attacks

  • Tower auto-attacks (rocks) will no longer cause shrooms to burrow, or cloaked mobs to cloak
  • Tower auto-attacks will now do 55% normal damage to shrooms
  • Tower auto-attacks will now do 75% normal damage to trolls
  • Tower auto-attacks will now do 125% normal damage to orcs
  • Tower auto-attacks will now do 150% normal damage to spiders
  • Tower auto-attacks will now do 175% normal damage to ants

Enemy-Specific Changes:

  • Skeletons, Armored Skele Boss, and Dragon Boss health has been lowered by ~10%
  • Spider, Shroom, and Rock Golem Boss health has been increased by ~10%
  • Ants and Orcs now have ~50% more armor
  • Boss movement speed will increase by 7.5% per round (down from 10%)

Class Balance Changes:

  • Icemage’s freeze chance has been increased to 0.75% chance per frostmage rank (up from 0.4%)
  • Icemages now gain an additional 22.5% chance to freeze while powered (up from 20%)
  • Icemage’s freeze will now only last 2 seconds (down from 3)
  • After an enemy has been frozen by the icemage, they will only be immune to stuns for 3 seconds. [While powered: 1.5 seconds].  (down from 5)
  • Icemages will now deal 50% increased damage (+1.5% per frostmage rank) against stunned enemies
  • Icemage damage will now only increase by 1.5% per frostmage rank (down from 2%)
  • Bombermage damage has been increased to 150 (up from 140)
  • Firemage damage has been decreased to 85 (down from 90)
  • Lightningmage damage has been decreased to 80 (down from 100)

Class balance is going to take some time.  Bear with me. Underpowered classes should expect buffs. Overpowered classes should expect nerfs.  Shortly after this update, I’ll be adding additional data tracking, so I can balance the classes faster.

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