October 2020 Balance Update

This update was inspired by some feedback I received from players in Discord. I now have Discord on my phone, so I’m actually reading most of what’s written there. Please join the conversation if you have any thoughts about the game.

Where Have You Been, Archon?

Before I get into the update, I feel like I need to address why it’s been so long since the last one (March). Life got busy real fast once the stay at home order went into effect. I have 3 kids – all of whom need extra help with their school work.  Also, I’m fortunate enough to still have work right now and have actually been busier than ever. The mix of parenting and trying to stay on top of my work has taken up 95% of my time. I’ve spent the other 5% playing World of Warcraft to escape the stresses of day to day life. Needless to say, the game has been put on the back burner while I prioritized my sanity.

That being said, I would like to try and commit 2 hours a week to the development of the game. That isn’t much, I know, but it should allow for occasional updates. I’m also planning on releasing the game to streamers soon. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy game to run. For now, at least, the game requires a MySQL database to be setup and connected, a bot account which is whitelisted by Twitch, and a computer than can constantly run the game. I’m hoping to simplify these steps in the future, but for now it will be limited to those streamers motivated enough to jump through some hoops. More on that soon.

Balance Changes:

Several players have given me feedback recently. I’ve compared that to my internal data and made some changes (mostly buffs) where the two overlap:

    • Increased Falcon damage by 25%
    • Increased Undead archer damage (bow and skele) by 20%
    • Increased Death Dealer’s non-empowered attack damage by 33% (Empowered missiles and Seed damage is the same)
    • Increased Saboteur Barrage attack speed by 10%
    • Increased Flamethrower damage by 20%
    • There was a bug with Ninja, causing them to spend less power than intended while powered. They should now be more in line with other classes. If this leaves ninjas feeling weak, I’ll buff them accordingly.
    • Doubled the amount of power spent by the Mimic while powered. Again, if this proves to be too big a nerf, I’ll scale it back.
    • There has been an issue with rapid runes. For some classes, rapid runes would trigger powered attacks if the player was powered. This caused balance issues. I’ve made a change that should prevent rapid runes from triggering powered attacks, even when the player is powered. However, this required dozens of changes in code which would have taken many hours to test comprehensively. Please let me know through Discord or Twitter if you notice any bugs associated with powered attacks.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be focused on fixing bugs and getting the game out to any streamers willing to set up a MySQL database. However, I can always use more feedback. If you send a message to either of the channels below, I will get an alert on my phone and can typically read it within 24 hours. I apologize if I don’t respond to every message, but I am reading them.

Discord: https://discord.gg/AZAnP4
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stream_Defense

Thank you for your continued support! I couldn’t make this game without you!


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