Perk Balancing

I have a handful of small changes I’d like to make to the Perk Tree over the next few weeks. I’ll past those changes here, in chronological order.


I’ve changed how boss loot is awarded.

  • Damage runes are now cleared as soon as the boss dies (or all bosses, on multi-lane maps)
    • Previously they weren’t cleared until the first wave of the subsequent round
  • Bosses no longer drop loot when killed, the way other enemies do.
  • Instead, when you kill the boss (or all bosses, on multi-lane maps), a giant chest will drop
  • The chest will contain the same loot you would have received from killing all bosses that wave

The main reason I did this was to allow bosses to drop Damage Runes. Before the change, if a boss were to drop a Damage Rune, it would be cleared before it got any use. Now, if the chest drops a Damage Rune, it will last until the next boss.



  • Faction Guardians will now only grant their passive buff whenever a Boon is active, regardless of which building they’re guarding
    • Previously, Guardians only gave their passive buff while guarding the barracks
  • Base Train XP/Wave is now 50 (previously 100)
  • While guarding the barracks, Faction Guardians will now increase Train XP/Wave by 20%
  • Boons now become active immediately after defeating a challenge wave, and remain active for 8 waves.
    • Previously Boons were active for an entire round, if you defeated a challenge in the previous round


  • There is now a chest granted at the start of each game, called the Supply Chest
  • By default, the chest will give 3 Supply, but Perks can add things to the chest


  • Some perks have changed aesthetically. However, the effect of each perk remains roughly the same:
    • The Damage Rune perks will now add 2 Damage Runes (or 10, for the major perk) to the Supply Chest and every Boss Chest
    • The Supply perks will now add 3 Supply (or 15, for the major perk) to the Supply Chest
    • The Starting Level perks are being replaced by XP Elixir perks, which will add 1 XP Elixir to the Supply Chest (and every Boss Chest, for the major perk)
      • XP Elixirs grant 400xp to all players
  • Power Potion Drop will now grant each wave an additional 60% chance to drop a Power Potion (down from 1/wave), and also cause Power Potions to grant 1 additional power.
  • Potion Upgrade will now cause Power Potions to grant 2 additional power (down from 3)
  • Trainer Potion Upgrade will now cause Power Potions to grant 8 additional power and 150 additional xp to trainers (instead of 150% more)
  • The Sacrifice Power Upgrade in the potion upgrades has been replaced with Scout’s Blessing:
    • When a unit spends power attacking, they grant 1 second of Train XP split between all players in their tower for each power spent.
  • The Sacrifice Power Upgrade after Supply Drop has been changed to Random Runes on Supply Drop:
    • Whenever a Supply drops, 5 Random Runes will also drop
  • The ammunition added from Ammo on Train is now added 50% faster
  • Boon: Damage Rune now drops about 3 Damage Runes per wave, as long as the Boon is active
    • Previously it granted 15 at the start of each round
  • Bard Upgrade and Timemage Upgrade have switched places on the Reward Tree
  • Timemage Upgrade has changed: Tower Damage Buffs now also increase the effectiveness of Timemages by the same amount
    • This might be broken. I’ll probably have to cap it
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