Perk Tweaks

  • Tome on Rune Drop has changed from “Any time a Rune drops, there’s a 50% chance a random tome will also drop” to “The first 2 Runes to drop each wave will also cause a random Tome to drop.” Hopefully this makes it a viable choice even if you don’t take a bunch of rune perks, while keeping it from being overpowered if you do.
  • Trainer Potions Upgrade has changed from “Trainers gain 150 more XP from XP Potions and 6 more Power from Power Potions” to Tome on Potion Drop: “Any time a Potion drops, there’s a 75% chance a random Tome will also drop
  • Ammo on Train has changed from “Players also gain ammo from training. Turrets stay active during Challenge waves” to Ammo on Challenge: “Gain 250 Ammo when starting a Challenge wave. Turrets stay active during Challenge waves Boon: Tower Ammo: “While Boon is active: Gain 30 Ammo each wave & turrets stay active during Challenge waves
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