Rapid Rune Rework (and some side effects)

I’ve reworked Rapid Rune slightly. It scaled too heavily with Damage Runes, such that it never makes sense to take one perk without the other.

  • Rapid Rune now grants 20 extra attacks (up from 12)
  • The Perk, Rapid Rune Drop now brings that to 25 extra attacks (up from 18)
  • The extra attacks from Rapid Rune no longer benefit from Damage Runes
  • This will likely need to be balanced further

To make this change, I had to rewrite some of the game code. While doing that, I realized the following classes were not benefiting from Damage Runes, as they should have. I’ve fixed this, and have lowered their damage accordingly. This will probably take some more tweaking to get it balanced.

  • Pyromancer’s Ignite‘s damage has been lowered from 50 to 40, and now benefits from Damage Runes
  • Lightningmage‘s damage has been lowered from 220 to 150, and now benefits from Damage Runes
  • Gunner‘s damage has been lowered from 170 to 120, and now benefits from Damage Runes
  • Necromancer‘s Zombie damage now benefits from Damage Runes

Disclaimer: It is possible that one or more of these WERE ALREADY benefiting from Damage Runes, but I missed it. If this is the case, they’re now benefiting twice, and that should become apparent as soon as they’re in a significantly buffed tower (a 1,000% tower would actually give a 10,000% buff, for example)

Another Disclaimer: I made about 100 small changes over dozens of scripts. It’s very possible I’ve inadvertently added a bug to the game. If I did, the most likely result would be one or more classes dealing 0 damage. Please let me know if you notice this or another bug related to tower damage.

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