Roguelike: Phase 1

I have plans to add some Roguelike features to the game. Today I’m giving you “Phase 1” of that feature set. I’m not sure what the final product will look like, but I want to involve you guys in the process, so I’m giving you my changes as quickly as possible:

  • Barracks levels now only add 5xp/wave per level
  • Barracks levels carry over from game to game (barracks xp does not)
  • Tower ammunition will carry over from game to game (ammunition will be randomly dispersed among towers)
  • Upon beating a map, the game will calculate how much unspent power the average player still had. Every player will begin the next game with that amount of power
  • Based on how many points you earn, you will receive bonus power and ammunition for the next map
  • The difficulty track will only move up one tier after a victory
  • Upon being defeated:
    • The barracks level will return to 1
    • Starting power will return to 1
    • Starting tower ammunition will return to 1
    • The difficulty Tier will reset to 1

I’m releasing this small update to test the idea of a “Run”.  In the future I plan to add a lot more Roguelike features, but I wanted to get the fundamentals working before going any further.

As always: There will be bugs. It will probably feel worse before it feels better. Please give it a game or 2 before providing feedback.


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