Seasons is a set of optional feature which streamers can use to keep the game fresh in their own channel. The settings are intentionally open-ended as to allow each streamer to use them as they see fit for their individual channel. Streamers can access these features from the Game Lobby by hitting the cogwheel in the top left, or by hitting the ESC key.

Options Include:

Progression Options

  • Choose a save file for “Adventure” and “Competitive”
    • Some streamers prefer to keep a permanent save file for “Adventure” while having a separate save file each month or so for “Competitive”, to provide a fresh start each season. Other streamers may prefer to keep both game modes on a permanent save file, to avoid player resets. Others still might prefer to change the save file for both game modes periodically, forcing players to participate in the seasonal reset.
  • Set a Reward Multipliers for Essence, Medals, and XP
    • The main purpose here was to allow streamers to speed up progression, especially during shorter seasons. Use this feature with caution. Increasing progression on the main, permanent save file could allow players to max out too quickly. Increasing progression for an older save file could make players feel like their time spent prior to the increase was wasted.
    • Another way streamers might use this feature is to hold special events, like “Double Medal Mondays”

Highscore Resets and Lollipops

  • Highscore Resets
    • It’s not really a season if the map highscores aren’t reset; however, this option was kept separate so that streams can decide for themselves when to reset the highscores.
  • Lollipops
    • Along with the reset, the game allows you to award Lollipops to players for each highscore a player holds. Lollipops are simply a currency for keeping track of each player’s lifetime highscores across all seasons. The streamer is also able to choose how many Lollipops each highscore is worth; longer seasons may justify a bigger award.

Coming Soon: Competitive Affixes

  • To keep the game feeling fresh, I intend to add optional affixes which can be applied to Competitive Mode. The intent is to allow streamers to make each season feel unique, but they don’t necessarily have to be used in tandem with seasonal resets. Here are some of the affixes I’m considering adding:
    • Random Major Perk
      • Each map has one random Major Perk for the length of the season.
    • Random Challenge
      • Each map has one random challenge (example: Only archers)
    • Minor Perks After Each Victory
      • After reaching a certain wave (maybe wave 30), choose one of two minor perks which will be applied to that map for the remainder of the season. This means highscores become easier and easier to beat as the season progresses.

Coming Soon: Competitive Map Selection

  • I would like to allow streamers to choose which maps are included in each season. Especially as more maps are added, it might fragment the game too much having all maps enabled. Or maybe you want to hold a short season (for a week or less) and only use one or two maps.