Shared Progression is Finally Here!

Player progress will now be shared across streams! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and finally figured out how to do it right.

Instead of your progress being stored on each streamer’s computer, it will be shared on a single server. No matter where you play, your ranks, medals, gold, etc. will come with you. This includes anyone playing from their own PC.

If you’re interested in playing from your own PC, sign up for the alpha:

Note: I’m releasing this version to all streamers before extensive testing. This means there is likely a handful of bugs. Please alert me to any issues on Discord or through the Feedback form, and I’ll get to them as quickly as possible.

Essence & Medal Changes

  • Medals no longer have ranks. All medals are awarded to all players.
  • Medals will now be earned much faster; therefore, all previous medals and medal requirements have been increased significantly. This effectively changes nothing for players. You can use this calculator to see how many medals you’ll have in the new system, but your rank will be the same.
  • Essence and essence requirements have been divided by 20. This effectively changes nothing, I just felt like the numbers were unnecessarily large.
  • End of game essence and medal rewards are now based on what drops during the game:
    • Every boss drops at least one sack of essence and one medal.
    • Bosses on rounds 2 and 3 drop two medals.
    • Bosses on round 4+ drop three medals.
    • The final boss of non-endless games drop one extra medal and essence sack for each 3 rounds defeated.

Merging Progress from Other Streams

I know some streamers and their viewers have already put a lot of time into progressing on their own stream. Not to worry! I have created a system for merging that progress with the shared database. All gold, medals, and essence will be added together. Other fields will be copied from the streamer’s database.

For any streamer who are interested, please fill out this form (instructions for uploading your shared database are included on the form): Local Database Merge Request Form

Merging Old Usernames

Until now, there was a major issue with the database: if a player changed their username on Twitch, their progress was lost. This has been resolved in the new system. However, there are still many lost accounts in my local database. I haven’t had a good way to merge these in the past, but I do now. If you would like to request a merger from an old username to a new one, please fill out this form: Player Account Merger Request Form.

What’s Next?

I have a long list of small fixes and improvements to get through, but once those are complete, I need to decide what my next big project will be.

I have 3 options and could use your help deciding which to focus on first:

1. More Character Customization: I plan to rework the entire spec and talent system. I want to make specs much more exciting. Each spec will have multiple weapons as well as a chance to crit. This will make your faction choice much more meaningful, as it will dramatically change how the spec plays. I plan to replace talents with “merits”. Every player will get 2 merits which will be unlocked during each game (probably at level 10 and level 20). These will be independent of your spec, as opposed to talents which are spec-specific.

2. Online Player Profile: I want to allow players to go to the website and login with their Twitch account to see all their characters and stats. Eventually, I would also like to allow users to change faction, specs, and merits through the same interface.

3. Responsive Web Controller: I want to build a web controller you could use on mobile or desktop to play the game, as an alternative to typing in Twitch chat. There are a handful of obstacles here, so it’s possible I’ll get half way through and decide I need to wait until I can employ an engineer to help me finish the project.

I really need more feedback. Please tell me which one would be most exciting for you!


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