Small Balance Changes Jan 16

  • Trolls now gain movement speed increases with each wave (as other enemies always have). To compensate, their health now increases at a lower rate than other enemies. This may still need some tuning.
  • Stormmages’ twisters now deal up to 25 damage/second in an AoE (based on proximity) instead of 60 damage/second to a single target
  • Scout’s powerup now increases their attack speed by 150% (Down from 200%).
  • Minstrel’s powerup now increases their attack speed by 75% (Down from 100%). This is actually a buff when they’re sharing a tower with other players, as it will cause their power to deplete at a slower rate.

EDIT: The following changes were added on Jan 17

  • The rebirth altar on Frozen Steppes will now take your levels instantly. Players should no longer get stuck in the altar when entering at a high level.
  • Difficulty increases after Round 8 will be significantly larger.
  • End of Round Bonuses have been evened out between rounds. The early rounds now give more points, while some of the later rounds will give slightly less.
  • Doing well or poorly on the End of Round Score Board will now have a much smaller impact on the points you receive. The idea is to reward you mostly for beating the round, instead of how easily you beat the round.
  • Between these 2 changes, overall rewards should be slightly higher.
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