Small Class Balance Update

  • Arcanist attack speed has been reduced by 7%
      • Applies to all talents
  • The Sniper talent Vulture no longer grants “ignore armor”
  • The Bowman talent Piercing now grants “ignore armor”
  • Lightning mage base damage has been increased from 160 to 190
  • The Undead archer talent Raise had the damage of their Skeleton Summon increased from 250 to 400
  • The Death dealer talent Empowered had its damage increased from 100 to 110
  • The Death dealer talent Seed had its damage increased from 115 to 125
  • The Knife thrower talent Bounce had its damage increased from 115 to 125
  • The Knife thrower talent Axe had its damage increased from 230 to 250

UPDATE: August 14

  • The Scout‘s chance to earn an XP rune when their tower gets a killing blow has been doubled
    • If the Scout‘s tower cannot accept the rune, it will instead grant 50% of the rune’s XP immediately

Perk Changes:

  • Power Potion Drop no longer gives +2 Power per Potion
    • It now only adds “about 1 Power Potion drop per wave”
  • Power Potion on Blitz now only rewards 2 Power Potions (down from 3)
  • Trainer Potions Up now increases the power and xp earned by potions when training by 150% (up from 100%)

UPDATE: August 15

  • While powered, the Scout will now give experience to all players in his tower with each attack
    • The power given is equal to 3 seconds of train xp for each power spent, divided by the number of players in the tower
  • The Scout Intel talent now does 200 damage every 2 seconds instead of 130 every 1.3 (dps remains the same)
  • The Scout Rupture talent now does 500 damage every 2 seconds (up from 300 every 1.3 seconds)
    • 85% of that damage is “weaken” damage: it wears off after 5 seconds.
  • The Falconeer‘s falcon will now immediately attack the closest enemy, if the enemy is closer than the Falconeer.
    • Previously, the falcon would return to the Falconeer before attacking a new enemy
  • The Necromancer can now only have a total of 3 zombies (including enraged zombies)
    • Powering up will no longer summon zombies
    • Using !sp will summon a zombie if he has less than 3 active zombies
    • The cost of !sp has been cut in half, but the summoned zombie is not automatically enraged
    • Powering up now immediately enrages all his zombies (powering down will return them to normal)
    • A small amount of power is consumed each time an enraged zombie attacks

UPDATE: August 17

  • The Assassin Charge talent now fills constantly (previously only while not attacking)
    • Filling the Charge Meter takes 40 seconds
    • He consumes 30% of the Charge Meter with each attack
    • While powered, if the Charge Meter would drop below 30%, a small amount of power is consumed instead.

UPDATE: August 22

  • The Scout no longer gives 35% range while powered
  • Instead, the Scout always gives 10% range to all players in his tower (powered or not)
  • The Assassin Charge damage has been reduced from 800% to 600%
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