Small Post-Update Update

I’ve added and tweaked a few things. As per usual, there are bugs and balance issues which still need to be worked out.

Gem Changes

  • Citrine no longer gives a movement speed buff
  • Citrine now doubles the maximum power of your power bar
  • Citrine’s flat power bonus is now 30% (up from 20%)
  • Ruby no longer gives XP from Power Orbs
  • Ruby now gives the movement speed buff previously found on the Citrine
  • Onyx bonus power is now 10% + 0.5% per rank (up from 8% + 0.4% per rank)

Arid Junction Changes

  • Arid Junction now has a “Spawning Tower” at the beginning of each lane
  • Once a tower is destroyed, enemies will stop spawning from that lane for 8 waves
  • If only one tower is active, it will becoming invulnerable until another tower is active.

Crowd Control Changes

  • Enemies now become resistant to crowd control (slow, stun, charm, knockback) faster. However, their resistance also drops faster.
  • Enemies cc resistance can no longer drop below their base resistance, and cannot exceed 300% of their base resistance.
  • Overall, this is a small nerf to crowd control. This was intentional. I feel the strategy has relied too heavily on crowd control, and an abundance of frostmages/slow bubbles has been more effective than I believe it should be.

Other changes

  • The HP spell “Armor Turret” now costs 20 mana (down from 40)
  • The amount of armor stripped per attack is now 7.5% (down from 20%)
  • I believe I have fixed the bug that kept crashing the game. Only time will tell.
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