Supply Tweak

To simplify the math on some perks, and reduce the randomness of Supply drops, I’ve made the following change to Supply:

  • The Supply drop rate and all perks that increase it have been doubled.
  • Supply will now restore 10% of the barracks health (down from 20%) or – if the barracks is at full health – add 5 xp/wave to the barracks (down from 10)

I’ve also adjusted the following perks:

Boon: Supply Drop Grants a Boon which gives each wave an additional 50% chance of dropping supply. Up from 25%
Supply Drop Each wave has an additional 35% chance to drop supply. Up from 18%
Supply Chest Upgrade The supply chest at the beginning of each game drops an additional 15 Supply Up from 8
Supply On Blitz Blitz Kills also reward 1 Supply Up from 0.5
Minor Supply On Game Start The supply chest at the beginning of each game drops an additional 3 Supply Up from 1.5
Rune on Supply Drop Any time a Supply drops, 2 random runes will also drop. (Excluding the Supply Chest) Down from 4
Rune on Potion Drop Any time a Potion drops, there’s an 75% chance a random rune will also drop Down from 100%
Tome on Rune Drop Any time a Rune drops, there’s a 50% chance a random tome will also drop Down from 60%
Potion on Tome Drop Any time a Tome drops, there’s a 35% chance a random potion will also drop Down from 40%
XP Rune Drop Each wave drops about 1 XP Rune & XP Runes grant 50 more XP Down from 75
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