stream defense treasure system

Treasure Update (June 13, 2018)

I’ve been wanting to utilize “bits” for a while in game, and I think I finally found a system I’m happy with. That being said, it will take some tweaking to get it feeling right.

The Treasure System:

  • An empty treasure chest has been added to the bottom of the level UI
  • Anytime a player “cheers” (donates bits), the “Treasure Bar” will fill up accordingly
  • Subscribing to the channel (or announcing your sub renew) no longer triggers a bonus round. Instead, it adds 500 bits to the treasure.
  • Each map has its own Treasure, unaffected by the treasures on other maps.
  • Once the Treasure Bar is full, the chest will close, and now belongs to the player who donated the final bit
  • To open, the owner of the chest must type !open into chat, triggering a “Treasure Wave” (previously called “Bonus Round”)
  • Rewards from bonus enemies have been increased by 250%
  • Each time the Treasure Bar is filled, the bits required for the next chest will increase by 500
  • Each time you complete a round, the bits required to open the chest will decrease by 2%
  • If the Treasure Bar fills up before the chest is opened, it will “Level Up“, multiplying the reward of the next Treasure Wave accordingly (a level 2 chest gives 2x rewards)
  • All of this is subject to bugs and balance changes

Changes to the Point System

  • Map average and high scores are once again based on Final Wave Number (instead of total points earned).
  • Points (the little purple diamonds) now reset at the end of each round.
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