Undead Archer / Enemy Update (May 24, 2018)

Undead Archer Changes

  • Undead Archer’s base range has been reduced from 10yrds to 8yrds.
  • Undead Archer now gains 1% range per Archer Rank (up to 12yrds at rank 50)
  • Instead of pathing backwards and dieing upon reaching the beginning of the path, Skeleton’s will now patrol an area near where they spawned. Therefore, Skeletons will always use all 8 attacks.
  • The amount of power required to summon a skeleton is now 12 (up from 7.125)
  • On the Challenge Altar (Dune Gauntlet), summoned skeletons will stay and continue fighting for future challenge waves .

Enemy Changes

  • Spiders and Ants now spawn ~30% closer together, and have ~10% more health. My hope is this will make Firemages more important on these waves.
  • Shrooms now burrow for 5s (up from 4s)
  • Cloaking enemies now cloak for 4s (up from 3s)
  • Burrowing/Cloaking enemies no longer stop hiding once they’re 25m from the barracks. Instead, the duration of their hide decreases once they’re less than 25m away.
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