Undead Archer Update (May 26, 2018)

The amount of skeletons on the screen was getting ridiculous, so I had to limited the number of skeles each Undead Archer can have at once. Hopefully the spec feels a little cooler now, too.

  • Powering up no longer summons skeletons. Instead, it increases your attack speed by 200%
  • Summon a skeleton for 12 power by typing !sp (you may only have up to 3 skeletons at one time)
  • Added a temporary spec-interface which shows the number of skeles you current have, and turns white once you have enough power to summon another skele. It’s a little ugly, I know, it will be replaced eventually.
  • Fixed a bug where targets marked by the Undead Archer wouldn’t burrow or cloak (Death Dealers still prevent burrow/cloak)
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