When’s the next update???

Hey guys! I’ve been working hard on the next update for the past few weeks (mostly brainstorming while I “watch” my kids), and I wanted to keep you in the loop. Originally I was planning on releasing a highpriest rework this week, and then a reward rework a few weeks later. However, some of the changes I’m making require me to finish both updates before releasing the highpriest rework. Therefore, I will instead have 1 giant update for you guys in 2-3 weeks. I apologize for the delay, but I’m hopeful it will be worth the wait.

Some of the things you can look forward to in the update:

*Keep in mind: This is all a work in progress and much of it may change before release

  • 10+ new item drops
    • Most of the new items will only drop off enemies after you’ve taken the requisite reward option.
    • These new items mostly serve to simplify many of the new rewards and spells
    • XP Potion: Grants all players 50xp (does not scale off training xp)
    • Tome of Training: Causes the barracks to grant 300% training xp for 10sec (this will also replace Blessing of Wisdom)
    • Tome of Power: Grants power to all players in the barracks (not sure on how much yet)
    • XP Rune: Grants xp to all players in the “killing tower” (the tower which got the killing blow on the enemy who dropped the rune)
    • Power Rune: Grants X power to all players in the “killing tower”
    • Rapid Rune: Grants 10 extra attacks to the “killing tower” (The same effect as the HP spell “Rapid Fire”)
    • Damage Rune: Grants +50% damage to the “killing tower” until the end of the round (The same effect as the current tower buffs)
  • “Nomads” are becoming “Templar”
    • This change is merely thematic, as “Templar” makes more sense for the passives and spells I’m giving them
  • New “Faction Guardians”
    • I want to bring some of the benefits of highpriests into every game – even those without a highpriest playing
    • Guardians will orbit the barracks, providing a passive buff, specific to the controlling faction.
    • Highpriests of that faction can order the guardian to move to another building
      • Moving to a tower, they’ll activate a chosen turret (this will replace the current turret spells; boulder, armor, slow bubble)
      • Moving the the priest tower, they’ll grant 1 orb of the controlling faction each wave (this will replace the orb automatically given each wave)
    • On armor waves, if there is no highpriest, the guardian will instead set the armor of all enemies to 50% (this will replace the armor turret spell)
      • All highpriests will be able to reduce the armor of the next armor wave by 50% for 1 orb
  • Highpriest orbs will drop without highpriests
    • I’ve redesigned orbs (they will likely be called stones or relics, I haven’t decided yet)
    • When an orb drops, and there is no highpriest of that faction present, it will instead provide a buff for the team
      • Magi Order: Creates a slow bubble which lasts for ~3 waves
      • Wolfclan: Casts 10 second of haste
      • Elementals: Applies the Tome of Training effect
      • Templar: Summons a Demon who drops a Rune of Power on death
  • New “Reward Tree”
    • I’m adding dozens of new reward options, and changing others
    • The rewards will be organized into a big talent tree (or “reward tree“), with about 50 nodes
    • At the start of each run, you’ll choose between 2 random starting rewards on the tree. From there, each option will be determined by your previous reward
    • Here’s the current tree. Don’t get attached, it will look very different when it’s done
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