Why The Game Sucks, The Stream Sucks, and Archon Sucks

Hey guys. As you might have noticed, the stream sucks pretty bad recently.  I know this is a bit overdue, but I wanted to explain why and assure you that I haven’t abandoned you guys (at least not permanently).


As anyone who has played the game in the past few weeks has noticed, the stream has been super laggy, and even completely shuts down randomly. The game disconnects periodically, and commands sometimes just don’t go through. This is all due to my horrible internet connection.  This seems to be caused by 2 factors:

  1. I had to move my computer into the loft, which is away from the router (more on why I had to do this below). I’m now using a wireless connection, and it seems to get an especially bad signal here for some reason.
  2. I was using my roommate’s router, but he moved out and I had to switch to my old router. Since then, my internet speed has gotten much worse. I’m not sure if this is directly related to the router, as it’s only 2 years old, or if it’s just a coincidence, but I haven’t figured out a fix yet (any advice is welcome).

Getting my internet connection back up to par is my first priority, but I have been very busy recently (more on this below)


In the beginning of this year I was updating the game much more frequently, and intended on continue doing so indefinitely. Unfortunately (at least for the sake of the game) I’ve become incredibly busy.  Once I get my life a little more organized, I should be able to carve out at least a few hours each week to dedicate to updates and bug fixes.


My wife and I recently start fostering 3 adorable little kiddos. While we’re very lucky to have them, they do take up all of our time when they aren’t in camp or other activities (including school once summer break is over).  On top of this, our dog Yoshi recently had knee surgery and is recovering. She needs short walks and physical therapy several times a day for the next few months. If that wasn’t enough, our air conditioner broke 5 days ago – during record highs of 117f (47c) here in Las Vegas – and we’ve had to find a place to stay.

While I do have some free time while the kids are at camp, I also have a job – I do online marketing work from home – and for the past 2 weeks, work has taken up all my time (and then some).


It should only get easier from here. Our air conditioner is fixed now, Yoshi is only getting better, and we’re finding times for friends and family to help watch the kids.  While I won’t be able to dedicate 20+ hours each week like I was, I believe soon I’ll be able to schedule time each week to work on the game.

Whatever happens, the game will get finished. Eventually it will be released to other streamers (first as an alpha, and eventually as a free download) which means even if my internet sucks, you’ll be able to play the game elsewhere.


After I figure out the internet issue, the next big update I plan on releasing is a Highpriest update.  Right now highpriests are boring and imbalanced. I have plans to add a TON of new spells, integrate your gem choice, and make them much more interesting to play. It’s very hard for me to say how long this will take me, but know that it’s all I want to be working on, and it will get done eventually.


It amazes me that you guys continue to play the game, despite the frustrations. Please, if it becomes too much, take a break, and come back in a few weeks/months when I’ve had some time to work on it. You guys are great, and I’m super lucky to have such awesome players. You really are appreciated.


If you ever need to contact me directly (to tell me the game is down, or just give feedback), the Stream_Defense Twitter account is the best place.  I get updates sent directly to my phone whenever someone tweets at that account.  I can’t always respond immediately, as I may be sleeping, or busy with the kids, but I’ll get back to you when I can.

You can also email me at infernoarchon@gmail.com, but I can’t guarantee you’ll get a response, as I don’t want to spend too much time writing emails when I could be working on the game.

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