XP & Power Rune Tweak

After cutting the drop rates of all perks in half, I’ve discovered a few imbalances. One of them is this:

Previously, the perks “XP Rune Drop” and “Power Rune Drop” each dropped about 2 runes per wave, which is more than a single tower can hold. This was done on purpose, to prevent these runes from being overpowered in low-population games (For example: with only 2 players in a game, the benefit of each rune could go to 100% of players, which would be quite overpowered compared to a game with 30 players in which the benefit of each rune might go to 20% of players).

Now, with each perk only dropping 1 rune per wave, a single tower can hold all the runes. This makes runes MUCH more effective in low population games. This is an issue because players feel like Rune Builds are the only viable builds. To address this, I’m testing out the following changes:

  • XP Runes and Power Runes will now distribute their resources over 2 waves (up from 1)
  • XP Runes will now give 175 xp (up from 150)
  • Power Runes will now give 12 power (up from 10)

Again, I’m just testing this out. If this makes Rune Builds nonviable, I’ll take another stab at it.

Thanks for testing!

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