0.33.3d Patch Notes

New Version Available for Download: https://www.streamdefense.com/stream-defense-is-in-alpha/
: Highscores have been reworked slightly in this build. Therefore, all highscores will be reset. You may want to reset highscores and award lollipops before making the switch.

  • Streamers can now choose which maps are included in Competitive mode.
    • To do this open the Lobby menu and go to Season Options > Competitive Mode Options > Map Selection
  • Double Trouble, Frozen Steppes, and Lost Desert can now be played in Competitive Mode
  • Double Trouble’s “Wisdom Altar” has be reworked slightly.
    • Players no longer start with a coin. Instead, each wave has a 3% chance per player of dropping a Gold Coin, which increases by 2% per player each wave until a coin is dropped, at which point it resets to 3% per player.
    • Upon using the Gold Coin at the altar, players will still gain 8 levels but will now also gain a Red Coin.
    • While players have a Red Coin they are unable to train or gain a new Gold Coin
    • Using the altar while you have a Red Coin resets you to the average player level and removes the Red Coin
  • Frozen Steppe’s Rebirth Altar has been reworked slightly
    • The rebirth percentage no longer increases over time.
    • The percentage is a flat 5% on Competitive and 8% on Adventure
  • Lost Desert’s Investment Altar has been reworked slightly
    • The investment percentage no longer increases over time.
    • The percentage is a flat 7% on Competitive and 12% on Adventure
  • “Late Join XP” has been reworked slightly
    • As before, any XP gains still add an equivalent amount of XP (divided by the number of players) to all late joiners
    • Gaining power no longer adds a small amount of XP to late joiners. Instead, using power in the barracks now contributes to late join XP.
    • Late joiners will now enter the game with the average amount of power held by all other players currently in the game.
    • Using the Investment or Rebirth Altars now adds the same amount of wave XP (divided by the number of players) to all late joiners.
  • After finishing a level in Adventure Mode, the game will now return to Game Mode Selection so that players can choose to do Competitive games in between Adventure levels.
  • Rank up messages in chat will now include the new rank next to each player’s name
  • Fixed a bug that showed rank ups for classes with 0 players
  • Added an option to only allow certain players to enter the game.
    • This was a suggestion by ichiiiiii so that he could run tournaments on his channel. You can find this option in either menu under “Tournament”.
  • Reworded the Bounty Perks to be more clear
  • Added a small icon to the bottom of each Bounty Buff Icon to show what each faction’s Bounty Buff does
    • Power Potions for Templar
    • XP Potions for Magi Order
    • Mastery for Wolfclan
    • Supply for Elementals
  • Reworked how game modes work in Competitive Mode
    • There are now 4 pre-set game modes to choose from via a new dropdown in the Competitive Mode Options menu.
    • Streamers can create their own custom game modes by clicking “+New” next to the dropdown.
    • Map highscores are now specific to each game mode.
    • Many more options will be coming to this menu in future updates
  • Added a “Reroll Maps” option to the Competitive Map Selection screen
    • Streamers can press the button to get 2 new map options
    • Players can type !reroll to get 2 new maps (after an 8 second delay)
      • If any player votes for one of the 2 current maps, the reroll option will become unavailable
  • Players can now type !v1 or !v2 instead of !vote1 or !vote2
  • Enemies don’t deal 2x damage to the barracks until wave 50 now (previously wave 40)
    • The 1.5x damage increase still happens at wave 30
  • When enemy damage increases, all XP gains now also increase by the same amount (1.5x at wave 30 and 2x at wave 50)
    • This is an experimental change. It may not be balanced and will likely be changed or reverted.
  • Streamers and mods can now kick players by typing “!kick playername” or “!kick @playername”
  • Fixed a bug where Snipers used power on missed shots
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