0.33.2b Patch Notes

New Version Available for Download: https://www.streamdefense.com/stream-defense-is-in-alpha/

  • New Item: Ammo Crates: Adds 40 ammo to a tower
  • The Supply Chest at the beginning of each game will now include 5 Ammo Crates
    • Hopefully this will make the first few waves a little more beginner-friendly
  • The “Map Vote” screen in the lobby now shows the high score for each map in Competitive Mode
  • New Menu: Competitive Mode Options
    • Can be found in the game lobby Main Menu > Season Options > Competitive Mode Options
    • New option: Choose number of starting familiars/relics
    • New option: Enable Round Rewards
      • This will add a reward vote after each round in Competitive (similar to the end-of-round votes in Adventure). If there are unlocked familiars and relic drops, the first option will always be a familiar or relic. The second option (and 1st when all familiar/relics have already been unlocked) will be a “Supply Drop”: a large one-time reward such as 5 Power Potions or 150 seconds of Haste.
    • New option: Difficulty Scaling
    • The bottom of the menu will show you the “estimated difficulty”: a guess as to how hard the game will be with your selected options.
      • I’m still trying to figure out how many options to provide to streamers. This entire menu will likely change dramatically, but for now I wanted to give streamers as much freedom as possible. Be careful: If you change the difficulty mid-season (without doing a high score reset), you could end up harming the integrity of your leaderboards.
      • Feedback on this menu is much appreciated!
  • New Option: Streamer can now set the default average and high scores for Competitive mode when resetting high scores.
  • New Game Options:
    • The streamer can now select who’s allowed to play highpriest: 
      • Subs only
      • Subs or players who hold the high score on the current map
      • Anyone
      • No one
    • The streamer can now disable the repeating “Ready to Play” messages in the lobby
  • The chat messages when players rank up have been consolidated as to not cause as much chat spam.
  • There’s a new window in Competitive mode, showing which familiars and relic drops have been unlocked
  • Familiars will now move to a new random tower as soon as the boss wave ends (instead of when the new round begins)
    • This is to give players some time to move towers before the next round begins
  • Streamers can now use mouse and keyboard commands to control players
    • Click on a class in the left-hand class panel to join the game
    • Click on any nameplate (yours or another player’s) to select a unit
    • Right click on any building to move the selected unit
    • Press “P” to power up the selected unit
    • Press “L” to enable power-lock for the selected unit
    • Press “O” to power down the selected unit
    • I plan on adding many more mouse and keyboard commands as well as a better user interface for the Streamer (or players who want to play solo). I wanted to get these basic commands in as soon as possible to let you play around with them and provide feedback to inform future updates.
  • Clutch Kills will now only reward XP or Power runes
    • This is to limit the effectiveness of sitting in the barracks and hopping out at the last second to get a clutch kill which was encouraged by the stacking damage and rapid runes
  • The end-game score screen will now show the final wave reached
  • The “Challenge Altar” on the map “Dune Gauntlet” no longer drops Power Potions. The difficulty of the map has been reduced by 27%
    • The altar felt mandatory and was therefore unfriendly to beginners
  • While the game is paused, the sound will now also pause
  • Added a Victory sound effect when beating a level or beating the average score on an endless map
  • Added a sound effect when a Challenge Wave begins
  • Added a sound effect when the Elemental Guardian or Competitive Round Reward grants all players one level
  • Lowered the volume of bomber and firemage attacks
  • The game will now show the first wave enemy type before a player joins
  • Added a !help command which will prompt the bot to post the “how to play” link
  • Nerfed Bombermage ever so slightly
    • Bomber attack period increased from 1.3 seconds to 1.5 seconds
    • Mine duration increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds
    • Powering up now increases attack speed by 100% and damage by 100% instead of increasing attack speed by 100% and increasing bomb chance to 100%


Bug Fixes

  • The AFK setting should no longer revert back to the default
  • Some streamers were experiencing a bug where players couldn’t join the game until they replaced one of the game files. This seems to have been resolved.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get the high score without beating the default high score
  • Fixed a bug where tutorial windows would remain when the streamer manually ended a game
  • Fixed a bug where the timer would keep going if the player manually selected the game mode
  • Fixed a bug where the Adventure level tracker was showing during the game mode selection screen
  • Fixed a bug where the ignite talent icon fill wasn’t updating
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