2.24.23 Alpha Patch (Mostly bug fixes)

Thank you to the alpha testers who have provided valuable feedback in the first week of the alpha. I still have a long list of issues to address, but hopefully the biggest ones have been addressed here. Just know with each patch, it’s likely there are a few new bugs as well. I appreciate you help bug-hunting on patch at a time!

If you’re interested in joining the alpha, you can sign up here: streamdefense.com/alpha

Feature Improvements

  • Added Feb 25:
    • When Freeze Time is cast, any enemies affected by charm will have their charm duration extended by the duration of Freeze Time (thanks for the suggestion, quadlite)
  • Added Feb 26:
    • Added tooltips to all buffs
    • Added visual spell effects to Mass Mastery and Freeze Time

Bug Fixes

  • Added Feb 24:
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the volume mixer from affecting the boss sound effects
    • Fixed a bug where changes to the volume mixer weren’t saved when closing the game
    • Fixed a bug where the spellbook and perks tab would break when right clicking
    • Fixed a bug where the difficulty of campaign levels was always displayed as 3/5 on the level selection screen
    • Fixed a bug where tutorial windows would break when pausing the game
  • Added Feb 25 :
    • Fixed a UI error that was showing incorrect text for the Lightningmage talent, “Chain”
    • Fixed a UI error that was running two sentences together in the UI window announcing spec/talent unlocks
    • Changed the hotkey for Fast-forward to “Z” to avoid conflicts with the Spacebar (Unity automatically clicks the most recently selected UI button when spacebar is pressed).
      • Let me know how you feel about this change. I could make it a different key, like “F”?
  • Added Feb 26:
    • Fixed several bugs with the Falconeer’s Falcon which was causing it to fly off screen or just glitch out.
    • Fixed a bug which required your Twitch username to be entered in lowercase to connect to Twitch.

Balance Changes

  • Slightly scaled back the Scout nerf: They’re now able to grant their buff up to 3 times per round (up from 2)
  • Reduced the power cost of the Deathdealer talent, Empowered by 33%
  • Adventure mode levels now drop one more sack of essence when completed
  • Endless mode difficulty was reduced by 20%.
  • Medals from Endless mode will be one rank lower
  • The mana cost of Luck was reduced from 50 to 40
  • The mana cost of Supply Drop was reduced from 70 to 55
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