HUGE October Update Patch Notes (…In Progress)



  • The highpriest has been reworked. You can see all the changes on the Highpriest page


  • Movement speed has been increased by 25% for all players
  • Upon leaving a building, players will become “inactive” for 6 seconds. While inactive, players cannot attack or gain XP.  This won’t affect players travelling across half the map or more, as you will be active by the time you reach your destination.  I know this may be an unpopular change, but I want to give it a shot to see the affect of normalizing travel distances.
  • Players no longer automatically gain power at the end of each wave.
  • Enemies now have a chance to drop a Power Orb when killed, which gives all player 6 power. On average, 1.2 orbs should drop each wave if all enemies are killed.


  • I’ve adjusted the buff UI for all towers.
  • The red icon on the left shows the tower’s damage buff.  This icon will flash on and off the wave before it expires. The icon will appear as grayscale if the buff will be active on the following wave. Hopefully this help players plan their movement better.
  • The blue icon on the right shows the tower’s current ammunition. The ammunition fills up while players are in the tower. While the tower’s ammunition is active, it will automatically attack nearby enemies.
  • The halo around the tower now glows red when it has a natural damage buff, blue when it has ANY highpriest buff, and purple if it has both.


  • Levels now start easier, but go up in difficulty faster. Round 6 is approximately the same difficulty. Round 7 is a little harder, and so on.
  • The game used to add an additional 1% difficulty per player, to correct for high-pop games being easier. I’ve removed that additional difficulty to incentivize higher-population games.


  • Ruby no longer gives experience on tower kills. Instead, power orbs will give you 10% of a level in experience.
  • Ruby now gives you a chance to gain an extra attack instead of a chance to reduce the attack speed of your next attack.
  • Citrine now also reduces the amount of time you’re inactive after leaving a building by 2 seconds (down to 4 seconds)
  • Citrine’s bonus power has been increased from 15% + 0.75% per rank to 20% +1% per rank.


  • The entire UI has been rearranged to make better use of the space.
  • The Average Player Level is now shown in the blue shield to the right of the wave timer.
  • The “Expected Level” has been replaced with “Enemy Level” (The gold shield to the left of the wave timer) which shows the approximate level your team would need to kill the enemy without any ranks, buffs, or power.
  • New “Defense” and “Enemy” numbers have been added. This shows approximately how strong your defense is compared to the enemy. If your Defense is severely below Enemy, you made need to put more players in towers, or power up. If your Defense is severely above Enemy you can have more train, or power down.


  • Burrow / Cloak now works a little differently. Instead of enemies burrowing after taking ANY damage, they now only burrow after receiving 15% of their max health in damage. This should make them less frustrating for Stormmages and other AoE classes.

Class Changes

  • Necromancer:
    • instead of summoning a zombie when an enemy dies near his tower, the Necromancer now summons a zombie if the enemy dies while under the effect of his poison.
  • Scout:
    • bonus XP per kill has been increased by 50% to make up for the kills from automatic tower attacks (max XP given has stayed the same)
    • when the scout XP buff is at max, additional xp orbs will instead add time to the buff, which must expire before draining the xp bonus any further.
  • PotionMaster
    • lowered the impact damage of potent from 40 to 35 for the first upgrade and from 100 to 85 for the second upgrade.
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