Reset + Highpriest Changes

As it is the first of the month, I have reset the highscores and average scores for every map.

Highpriest Change: From now on, if you hold the highscore on the current level, you will be able to play as the Highpriest class.  This is an experimental addition, which is subject to change.  There are also probably going to be a few bugs in the first version – please bear with me.

All players may now also purchase Highpriest spells.  Beware: You will only be able to use these spells on levels which you currently hold the higscore (unless you’re a subscriber).  I may change how spells are acquired in the future, but do not worry, if I remove the gold cost, I will refund any gold spent on spells thus far.

I may also add new subscriber bonuses in the future to account for the loss in exclusivity.

Nameplate Addition: Players who hold the higscore on the current level should see a crown next to their nameplate (Highpriests excluded).

New command: Whisper !highscores to ttdbot (Type /w ttdbot !highscores) to see which levels you currently hold the highscore on.

Scoreboard Change: From now on, if you join a game and then leave without participating in at least 10% of the waves, you will not receive bonus gold or unlock the Highpriest class in the event that your team beats the highscore.  Also, if you join a game and leave without doing any damage, granting any bard levels, or casting any spells, you will not receive any recognition – on the scoreboard or otherwise.

Reminder: Creating bots to automatically send commands is against the rules and you will be banned for doing so.

Class Balance: I’ve also made a few small changes in an effort to balance the classes. The changes are reflected in the recent blog posts HERE.

Thank you guys! Please post any feedback or questions on the NEW Stream Defense FORUMS.

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