Roguelike: Phase 1-b

I recently rolled out The Roguelike Update: Phase 1. That update didn’t feel as good as I expected, but I did learn a lot about what isn’t working. So now, I bring you Phase 1-b

There were several issue with Phase 1-a:

  • Most games felt much too easy
  • The long-term strategy was counter-intuitive (train as much as possible, even if you don’t need to)

What’s new in Phase 1-b?

  • Each map now has its own Difficulty Tier, meaning players can decide how much of a challenge they want
  • The barracks no longer levels up from training. Instead, beating a map will increase the xp/wave.
  • Maps with higher Difficulty Tiers reward more xp/wave
  • Every time you beat a map, the Difficulty Tier of all maps increases by 1, and the beaten map goes on cooldown and cannot be chosen for the next 3 games
  • Upon the barracks reaching 0 health, all run progress will be reset (as it is in Phase 1-a)
  • Tower Ammunition and Starting Power work the same (for now)
  • XP required per level has been doubled (up to 180)
  • The starting xp/wave has been doubled (up to 100)

This update is far from the finished version of the Roguelike update, but hopefully it’s a step in the right direction. Please try a few games and let me know what feels good, what feels bad, and what is confusing.

Thanks for playing!

Warning: There will be bugs.

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