Seasons Update (In Progress)

I’ve been making a lot of changes to the game lately, without a much explanation. I wanted to take a moment to detail my intentions for these updates.


The main focus of these updates is around “Seasons”. I’ve detailed my view of seasons on a new “Seasons” page. These options are not yet available, but I’m hoping to release an alpha version tomorrow night (April 11th). If issues arise, it could be a few days later.

Seasons are something I’ve thought about and discussed with some of you for years. However, with streamers like Crusty_Teddy and Ichiiiiii now streaming the game, I’m realizing each streamer has different needs, so I’m designing the system with that in mind.

Databases and Resets

The main reason streamers are finally able to run the game is that I’ve moved away from an online database into a local database. First of all: apologies to anyone who temporarily lost their progress, permanently lost a couple days worth of progress, or was just confused by the progress reset of “Endless”. However, database updates are now much easier for me to make. If you feel like you’ve lost progress, or you’ve changed usernames and need me to move your progress over, please reach out on Twitter, Discord, or Email (

Secondly, I made the mistake of releasing the game before I’d finalized the structure of that local database. Therefore, there may be some hiccups with streamers who downloaded the game in the last few weeks. If you are such a streamer (or know of one), please reach out to me and I’ll make sure there’s a smooth transition upon downloading the new version.

Moving Forward

As I said, I’m hoping to have the new version available by the end of day on the 11th (although it may be later). From there, I would like to start to schedule monthly updates. I also want to hold monthly Discord discussions to help me collect feedback from players and streamers. While I don’t have more than ~10 hours a week to dedicate to the game, I am very committed to this update schedule. Seeing streamers running the game with some success has lit a fire and I’m determined to continue improving the game month after month.

Please reach out if you have any feedback or questions. More to come!

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