Small Changes Made Since Leveling Update:

If you haven’t read about the last 2 updates, you can see them here:

Here are some small changes I’ve made since then:

  • Enlighten now has a base mana cost of 450 and has a 10min cooldown
  • The difficulty increase per round has been adjusted. Games with lower-rank players should now feel easier. Games with higher-rank players should feel about the same as they did before the leveling update.
  • Leveling has been sped up by 33%. Difficulty increase per wave is also 33% higher. The overall effect is that being over-leveled or under-leveled matters slightly more than it did directly after the leveling update. However, it still matters about 40% less than it did before the update.
  • End of Round shard and essence rewards have been smoothed out slightly. Round 1 gives 50% more rewards, and the increase per round is less dramatic. Overall, this means that games that end before wave 70 will give out more rewards than they used to, and games that go past wave 100 will give out less than they used to. Longer games are still more efficient for earning shards & essence, it’s just less dramatic than it used to be.
  • Joining late will now be slightly less punishing. I’m trying to get to a point where players are never nervous to join late. I’m not sure if we’re there yet, but I’ll keep making tweaks until we are.
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